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Searching for Plumbing Repair Services in Jaipur? We’re Here to Help

Well maintained drainage system is something which makes your house complete. Every person takes proper note of the aspect of plumbing which purchasing/designing their dream house. The weak plumbing system in the house means wasting lots of money over and over again on getting the ceilings and sewage system fixed. Though all of us try our best to get our house assisted with a proper plumbing system, yet at some point, all most everyone goes through some of the other water reacted problem in the home. If some leakage or drainage issue also attacks you, then you can Google plumber repair service near me to get help in resolving your matter.Give us a call on our customer care number +917231066666 NOW!

We at service repair star are always ready to assist you with the best plumbing repair services in Jaipur. Plumbing is counted on the laws of nature; especially gravity and pressure are its vital components. Our house is a plumbing system is grounded on two subsystems, one system works on serving you with the freshwater, and the other system aims at moving out the user or the wastewater. The water enters the home under enormous pressure, which indeed we required to allow the water to move upstairs, downstairs, and in all the corners. When the water comes to your house, it has to pass through a meter; this meter calculates the amount of water you use. The main valve of water pipeline of your home is located near the meter.

Whenever you face any problem in the plumbing system of your house, the first and the foremost thing you require to do is to shut off the valve of your home. If you miss performing this system, then be sure the entire house will get flooded by water. Well, if in case the plumbing problem is related to a particular area such as the sink or the basin you need not shut the valve. It is always suggested to get separate valves at every water source be it basin or anything so that in case of plumbing energy you need not put the main lid off. Just look for a plumber near me in Jaipur, and you can find out the the company’s name service repair star in the suggestions.

No matter how much have you paid emphasis in providing your house with a perfect drainage and plumbing system so that it doesn’t worry you in the future, at some point you may require calling for plumbing services. There are many factors which are responsible for the the inefficient working of the plumbing system. The drainage pipeline or the water supply pipelines get affected by one or the other reason which presents the swift flow of water. When water fails to move freely in the pipeline, the problem in plumbing occurs. If you are looking for the the best plumbers in Jaipur, then you can contact our company servicerepairstar. We are the professional plumbing service provider in Jaipur, who are always ready to assist you in your plumbing related issue.

Factors causing problems in the plumbing system

  • In the rainy season as the rainwater carries various things such as leaves pebbles sand particles etc. the particles get choked in the pipeline. Because of this, the water movement gets blocked, which further results in malfunctioning of the pipe.
  • If the pipeline and the drainage system are not fixed properly, then you can face the problem of leakage from the water. Leakage in the walls straight away causes you huge repair expenditure; the entire pipeline needs to pipe again.
  • Another leading cause of clog in the drainage system are the hair, people while washing hair often leaves the fallen hair on the opening of the drainage system, as more and more hair gets in the pipeline the drainage gets chocked.

Why choose servicereapirstar?

We at servicereapirstar understand the needs and the problems of our customers. Our plumbers are professionals who are assisted with well-equipped tools to resolve your issues efficiently. If you are looking for the best plumbing service them, you are just a call away from us.

  • We offer residential plumbing services

If you are also amongst the people, who find it difficult to arrange a plumber for your house. Then our team is here to assist you. Many of the plumbing service providers deny coming to your place in case you are willing to get a minute work done. Plumbers often visit your house when the problem seems to be significant as per them. We never classify our clients’ issues as big or small, need us we will be at your doorsteps, no matter how acute plumbing problem it is. We provide the best plumber installation repair services.

  • Always there to assist you

If you choose to try our plumbing services, then you will never have to rush in search of a plumber in case of any emergency. If you are facing any drainage or pipeline related issue and you prefer searching for a plumber at the last moment, then be ready to get robbed with extraordinary prices which are demanded by the plumbers when they realize the seriousness of your requirement. No matter whether it’s a holiday or weekend, we are ready to assist you at all odd times. We are the best plumbing service team you could ever find.

  • We are reliable and affordable

We never disappoint our customers; we understand the expectations of our customers have with us. We assure to give you % satisfaction. Our team is built with professionally trained plumbers, who will never disappoint you? If you randomly pick any plumber from the market, then there is a fair chance that he might worsen the condition of your plumbing system. You can contact us online; we are an online plumber service.
Also, our plumbing services are way cheaper than the other service providers. We never loot our customers by applying substantial prices of our services. Our only motto is to satisfy our customers with perfect work. We never ignore the problems of our clients; hence we have prepared a 24*7 team. Irrespective of the timings, you can call us whenever you want; to talk over your issue.
We are also an expert in other services. If you are looking for tea, for bathroom fittings installation then too you can contact us freely.

Our Expertise: –

Tap Repair

  • Toilet Replacement
  • Bathroom Fitting
  • Fixing Leak Pipes (Kitchen or Bathroom)
  • General Plumbing
  • Water Tank installation
  • Sink Repair
  • Water motor installation
  • Pressure Pump Installation and Repair
  • Commercial Plumbing Contracts

We cover every aspect which comes under Plumbing

Time is the key: –

We believe to deliver our work within no time; once the query gets booked our high end plumber in jaipur will reach your door step within one hour (Anywhere in Jaipur)

Top Tap Companies We Service and Repair



Jaquar needs no introduction when it comes to bathroom solutions. Jaquar sells with three brand names

  • Artize
  • Jaquar
  • Essco

Jaquar is the most spread brand in India. Any installation or repair for Jaqur is just a call away.


It’s a brand having luxurious range of products to offer. They have set the bars high for their premium range. As per today demand for Kohler is increasing.


Grohe is a German multinational brand having three production plants in Germany, one in Portugal and one in Thailand. Most of the Grohe products available in India are imported from Thailand. It is famous for its German technology and for producing standard quality of products.

Delta Faucets

As per Delta is concerned it has won several awards for its excellence, Delta main aim is to make products on the basis of water saving concepts in which they succeeded as well. Head office of Delta Faucets is located in Gurugram.


Bhiwadi located a Spanish multinational company is Roca expertise in bathroom solution having a capacity to produce 2 million Faucets per year.


Most loved brand in India.


Being an Indian company Hindware provides all bathroom solutions, it covers the entire category of Faucets. More than 300 designs available in the market which is more than enough, the best part is they have low to premium range which allow the customer to select accordingly. It’s like there is something for everyone.


This company is in the business for more than 30 year Manufacturing plant located in Gujrat producing more than 400 designs of faucets. Cavier also exports their products to different countries.


Delhi Company AGMECO is manufacturing faucets for more than 20 years; they also sell their products online.      

Services For Plumbing Available In Jaipur:-


  1. Water systems plumbing services in Jaipur
  2. Sanitary work services in Jaipur
  3. Maintenance contractors in Jaipur
  4. Pipe Fitting services in Jaipur
  5. Swimming pool plumbing services in Jaipur
  6. Plumbing consulting services
  7. Clogged drains Services in Jaipur
  8. Leaky valves and taps Service in Jaipur
  9. Bathtub clog service in Jaipur
  10. Dripping faucet service in Jaipur
  11. Poor or inconsistent water pressure service in Jaipur
  12. Bathroom and kitchen fittings service in Jaipur
  13. Tanks and pipeline fittings service in Jaipur
  14. Water line leakage service in Jaipur
  15. Water line Choke up service in Jaipur
  16. Industrial plumbing contractors service in Jaipur
  17. Water pipeline connection contractors service in Jaipur
  18. Residential plumbing Contractors service in Jaipur
  19. Commercial plumbing Contractors service in Jaipur
  20. Pressure pump repair service in Jaipur
  21. Western Closet (WC) service in Jaipur
  22. Indian Closet (IC) services in jaipur

Customer Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy at Service Repair Star: we are committed to protecting the privacy of all the customers. We do not sell, rent, or loan any traceable information to any third party. Whatever information we get from you is kept with the utmost care and security. We give 15 days service guarantee of AC repair & installation. Service Repair Star is working independently and has no relation in any company in any regards.

Areas with faster service than others: –


Service Areas In Jaipur     Service Areas in Jaipur
·         Ambabari, Jaipur

·         Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur

·         Bais Godam, Jaipur

·         Barkat Nagar, Jaipur

·         Banipark, Jaipur

·         C Scheme, Jaipur

·         Chandpole, Jaipur

·         Durgapura, Jaipur

·         Gopalpura, Jaipur

·         JLN Marg, Jaipur

·         Jhotwara, Jaipur

·         Johri Bazaar, Jaipur

·         Khatipura, Jaipur

·         Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

·         Motidungri, Jaipur

·         VKI, Jaipur

·         Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur

·         Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

·         Sanganer, Jaipur

·         Sethi Colony, Jaipur

·         Shyam Nagar, Jaipur

·         Sodala, Jaipur

·         Tilak Nagar, Jaipur


·         New Colony, Jaipur

·         Mansarovar, Jaipur

·         Mahesh Nagar, Jaipur

·         Kalwar Road, Jaipur

·         Jyoti Nagar, Jaipur

·         Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur

·         Janta Colony, Jaipur

·         Indira Bazar, Jaipur

·         Gangori Bazar, Jaipur

·         Civil Lines, Jaipur

·         Brahmapuri, Jaipur

·         Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

·         Bajaj Nagar, Jaipur

·         Vidhut Nagar, Jaipur

·         Nirman Nagar, Jaipur

·         Murlipura, Jaipur

·         Tonk Road, Jaipur

·         Tonk Phatak, Jaipur

·         Subhash Nagar, Jaipur

·         Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur

·         Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

·         Sansar Chand Road, Jaipur

·         Rajapark , Jaipur


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